Fat Blasting Strategy #1

Need to get back on track after the holidays?

I already know the answer to that is probably yes, because SO many women come to me with this issue.

Maybe the holiday’s already have you more discouraged, lost, and literally about to lose your mind trying to get rid of that stubborn 5-10 pounds, or even more?

It’s already tough enough to lose excess fat at various stages in life, and if you’re one of my postmenopausal ladies, I know it can feel utterly impossible. Then throwing in the holiday’s on top of it all is enough to make anyone want to cry!

Buuuttttt here’s the deal, it doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom over here no matter who you are, what your age, or what time of the year it is.

Why you ask?

Well little lady, because I have some rockin strategies to share with you to help you torch fat effectively, that I want you to practice for a week.

Therefore, this is going to be the first of many, of my  “Fat Blasting Strategies.”

Oh yes, I am going to provide you with one top strategy to blast stubborn fat, to try for a week (and hopefully beyond) , to help you bust through any pesky plateau’s and stay on track/recover from any holiday indulgences.

AMAZING I know! 😉

I told you I’m here for you. All you have to do is show up and put these little wellness nuggets I dish out to use!

Just in case you forgot, the best ways to do this are by taking one step at a time and scheduling in the time to do it.

That is why I have decided to dish out helpful strategies ONE AT A TIME, and help you put them to use.

So take what I give you, and do what’s reasonable and realistic for you!

Okay so now we can move on to the weekly strategy…


 Drink Greens Daily!!!!!


Let me tell you, if there was one simple trick to throw your body into fat burning mode, it would be green drinks!

You see, in many cases your body is full of toxins and simply undernourished, even when attempting to eat healthy. If you aren’t eating ENOUGH, yes enough, of nutrient dense foods such as low glycemic  fruits and veggies, eating lots of refined/processed/toxic foods, or under prolonged periods of stress you can easy throw your hormones and cell function out of wack.

This spells disaster when attempting to lose excess body fat.

So, with the addition of green drinks into your diet you not only supply your cells with a mega dose of nutrients in one punch, but you also encourage your body to detox, boost energy, and stay fuller for longer (causing you to crave less sugary foods) paving the way for effective fat loss!

I’m telling you this works!

Just hear from some of the women from my recent 5 day green drink challenge:

I have purposely been saving my smoothies for the end of the day, because it helps me not over eat at dinner time! I had fallen victim to too many kid birthday parties, so that means cake, candy, pizza, junk, and was allowing myself my usual cheats. I had put on a few lbs, but by not overeating, and not wanting to eat crap food after making my lovely smoothie, I am two pounds down from my lowest point as an adult, and after having two babies 19 months apart, and gaining 65 and 50 pounds with each pregnancy 😱💖 Thanks for this push, Sarah Walker!

I actually started several weeks ago after Sarah brought me one after I had surgery, and I haven’t looked back…I will be 61 in a couple weeks and am determined to enjoy my senior years the best I can… So I had another follow up at the doctors today. I had surgery about a month ago. She said she was amazed how fast and nicely I’m healing. I told her it has to be the green drinks! Now they all want me to bring them some recipes! 😂

Jessica N. Weber
I am getting some great results! , I can feel my body slowly just being nourished. I also feel like I’m focusing a little better on work. My hot yoga practice has also improved as far as energy level. Hope everyone else is having amazing results as well 😃
Melissa Kai
I felt so good after the drink yesterday (mood improved, no more sluggish feeling) I’m having today’s drink with breakfast. I haven’t even had my coffee yet. I gave some to both kids and they loved it too.


I’m telling you this one simple strategy can work wonders for you whether you’re 20 or 60+!

This is often a realistic yet super effective method to jump start your way towards a healthy energy filled lifestyle.

So let’s get into some actionable’s to help you get your green juice on with ease.




1. Start with a simple green drink recipe, and work up to using more ingredients.

This is going to be huge if you who don’t like the taste of greens or have a hard time wrapping your mind around doing this. Otherwise, go for it and cram as much in as you can (this is what I do most of the time).

Regardless, you can always use my recipes below for a mega dose of nutrients with various subs and healthy sweet alternatives, and just pick and choose from the ingredients, or this simple recipe to help get your feet wet… 😉

Simple recipe: 1-2 handfuls of spinach, 2 cups water, 2 TBS lemon juice, 3 slices of pineapple (or 1/2 a banana), 2 TBS flax oil (avocado oil, 1/4 avocado, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds), 1/2 cup plain kefir or greek yogurt (organic ideally), and ice. Add a scoop of vanilla protein as an option as well.

Recipe #3

Recipe #4


2. Try to tweak and experiment with one recipe until you love it. This will be your go to.

You can always try new recipes, but having at least one that tastes good to you is going to be critical.

You need to see that you can get your nutrients in a way that is enjoyable for you, in order to stick with it.

So use the suggestions I provide in my recipe links, or comment below for any additional assistance.

It is possible to make these bad boys taste good, you just need to find what works for your taste!


3. Shop and prep your ingredients for all your drinks for the week.

Prepping is your key to success here!

I like to do this all on the same day. I wash, chop, and separate all my ingredients and put them in freezer baggies or containers right away for easy access, and to maintain the highest nutrient value by preventing oxidation and spoilage.

The most convenient way to do this is by making separate baggies for each drink that you can just grab and go.

You can also pre make your drinks, freeze them in freezer safe mason jars and take them to go if needed.

If you don’t have a high powered blender, I suggest blending any frozen fruit one bit at a time with the water and then adding in the greens and remaining ingredients. You don’t have to freeze your fruit or dense veggies if your blender has a hard time with it, but at least pre chop and store ingredients in one baggie for each smoothie, to keep things simple and convenient.


4. Pick your preferred days (ideally daily but do what’s realistic) and times to have your drink.

Try to be as consistent with this as possible. Write it down, put it in your phone as a reminder, and treat it as an appointment. This helps to create a habit.

Try to pick a time when you may be prone to eat bad foods, feel low on energy, or know you won’t be having a meal for awhile.

I prefer to have mine as my second breakfast around 10-11, when I would be tempted to have another cup of coffee. This gives me the added energy boost and snack I need to be productive. So try to pin point the best time for you, and try it out.

Remember you can always pre make and freeze your drinks to go.


5. Be ready to get your poop on!

I had to throw this in because I want you to be warned lol. Depending on how clogged up your gut is, the fiber from your greens and any flax used will clear it right out!

Here’s a crazy fact: you can have anywhere from 5-10 lbs of fecal matter siting in your intestines at any given time! Insane right?!

So these are also great to throw in if you have been on antibiotics or traveling and need to get some good bacteria in your gut and move some stuff along.


Alright, so my challenge to you is to put this strategy to use as soon as possible.

Set yourself up ahead of time, mentally prepare, and jump into one of my Facebook pages if you need extra accountability.

Also, keep checking in the group for upcoming live challenges!

Now go get your green drink on!

Love your face!





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