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5 Key Strategies To Achieve Any Goal

Okay, first of all how freaking amazing is the lady in my blog photo?!!! I mean come on.

#Goals right there!

Who know’s if it’s actually real, but I’m gonna believe it is because it’s freaking AMAZING, and makes me happy.

Therefore, in my mind it’s real. 🙂

Alright, back on track we go.


So how the heck do you prevent your goals from just turning into another pile of wishful thoughts?

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Does A Lack Of Motivation Have You Stuck?

Let’s just jump right in and get real because I’m about to say some mind blowing stuff right here.

I hope you’re ready for this action…

Here it is:

Staying motivated to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle is not some crazy super power that a select few have been gifted with.

Motivation comes and goes, and motivation generation is simply a skill that can be developed when practiced.

Sayyyy Whatt????

Massive mind blowing nugget right there.

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3 Of My Favorite Exercises For A Bangin’ Bottom Half

Bring on the tight booties and bangin’ legs!!!!

Our bottom half is where it’s at ladies!

This is where the majority of your larger musculature is found (especially those glutes) and hence translates into the areas that you should be focusing on the most during workouts to up-regulate your metabolism and burn fat!

I practically mention this in every fitness related blog post but oh well, I’m saying it again.

Muscle tissue is highly metabolically active, meaning it uses a significant amount of calories to build and sustain itself so it’s one of your best methods for getting and staying lean, while achieving that “toned” look.

 Bottom line: If you want a lean, sexy bod, give your bottom half some extra attention in your workouts!

So let’s dive into 3 of my favorite “bang for your buck” moves to get this done.


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Post Workout Nutrition Do’s & Dont’s

For all my ladies who are confused when it comes to post workout nutrition, this is just for you.

I’m going try to help a girl out by clarifying/simplifying things a bit, by discussing the most important concepts to keep in mind regarding post workout nutrition and why, based off current research.


The Main Purposes of Post -Workout Nutrition

  1. Replenish glycogen (carbohydrate) stores used for energy during a workout, especially long endurance sessions.
  2. Provide substantial amino acids (building blocks of protein) to promote protein synthesis (muscle building) and aid the body in recovery.

The best ways to do this are:

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Alcohol & Workouts

Most of us are no strangers to enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage here and there, and that desire might just happen to fall on a day when you got your workout on, or the day after.

It’s happened to me numerous times, and it literally just happened to my friend Jessica after she did a killer sprint workout, which is what inspired me to write this blog. 🙂

So the reality is, sometimes you’re gonna care less about what effect drinking will have on your fitness goals. #reallife

But, for those other times when you might reconsider, I want you to make that choice based off of some solid information regarding the effects of alcohol on strength and muscle gains.

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Jack Up Your Metabolism With These 5 Secrets!


You’ve heard it before, your metabolism slows as you age, and unfortunately it’s true.

If you don’t take action to combat this you will fall victim to it.

It freaking stinks, plain and simple, but all is not lost!

The main reason for the age related drop in metabolism seems to be the overall decrease in lean muscle tissue and activity levels that tend to occur with aging.

However, the good news is regardless of your age, there are NUMEROUS ways that you can speed up that metabolism of yours to help combat any age related drops!

You can get as crazy with it as you want depending on how much effort you want to put in, but I’ll discuss a few options that I love, that you can use to get started in the right direction.

 These are my top 5 secrets to help you jack up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning furnace!

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