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I’m Sarah Walker, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Sport & Exercise Nutrition Coach (PN 1), Volunteer Fire Fighter (in the process of become a career FF) and a wife of a Navy Special Operator.


In a nut shell, I’m just a gal set out to empower women involved in fire, police and military service to step into their strength with confidence and purpose! 

I’m a PRACTICAL, SIMPLE, and NO-NONSENSE kind of gal, and my coaching and training techniques are no different.


I’m all about priming your body to SUSTAIN a healthy lifestyle (while getting strong as heck), so you can serve yourself and your profession well.



If you have the desire to challenge your health and fitness to bring you to the top of your game, then I’d love to join your journey!


I’m not about perfection, but CONSISTENTLY striving for PERSONAL progress, while practicing a lifestyle of balance.


Forget about everyone else. They are a distraction. Focus on you and your personal development.


In order to truly be at your best, you have to give time and attention to all the aspects that make you, you, while learning how to master the arts of self compassion and RUTHLESS CONSISTENCY.


Because let’s face it, no matter how much we want something, life will always find a way to throw a wrench in your plans. 


It’s up to you to determine how you respond to those times and how you let them impact your actions.


It’s up to you to show up when no one else wants to, and when it’s not easy, DAY IN AND DAY OUT!




I’ll be the first one to tell you that I have dealt with my fair share of unhealthy habits and mental attitudes that have led me to develop the style of coaching and training that I practice today.


I used to be that girl who religiously worked out 5 days a week, for at least an hour, M-F and if I missed a workout, oh buddy, my day was ruined.


My diet was crazy clean all week long, and as miserable as I was, I just kept on doing it, because hey, that’s what being healthy meant right? Then of course the second the weekend hit, all bets were off.

Binge city commenced.


I would feel terrible, physically and emotionally, and my response was to enter the same cycle of killing myself in the gym and restricting my diet as a form of punishment, just to repeat the cycle again.

This was my reality for YEARS!!!


And at the time I was a personal trainer and also training to pursue a career in Navy EOD (special forces dealing with explosives) and training with a group of guys in what was called boat crew, who were also waiting to get contracts for the SEALs and SWCC special forces.


That training was 2 hours, non stop high intensity, 3 days a week, in addition to my personal strength workouts. 


I was pushing my body beyond what I would consider healthy limits, on a consistent basis, and creating terrible habits, all in the name of health and fitness.


It seemed like I was always dealing with some form of injury and would beat myself up over that, resulting in me trying to jut push through even more, because I’m a stubborn brawd, to a fault.


My intentions were good, and I was training for a purpose, but what I failed to understand was that I was in fact hurting my potential to succeed and only limiting my progress.


I wasn’t developing or practicing training, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that would be sustainable long term, I was enforcing the exact opposite.


I was burnt out mentally and physically, and my entire identity became wrapped up in my training.


This my friends is not the kind of life that excites me and makes me want to keep pushing to better myself. 


It took me years to realize that the behaviors I was allowing to rule my life were not serving me in any way.


That is why I am so passionate about sharing my experience with other women who may be trapped in the same cycle as I was, or running the risk of getting there. 


I found a better way that works for me, and helps me lead what I consider a life of true health and wellness while pursuing my current path as a fire fighter.


I still feed that drive to push my body mentally and physically to achieve my goals, but I do so in a way that embraces flexibility without the all or nothing extremes that I was so accustomed to.



On a more personal note, because I feel like we’re ready for that after all the other deep reflection, I am literally obsessed with my dogs Moose and Izzy. Aside from my husband, they literally have my heart. Ugh, the cuteness they put out is unrealllllll.





So when I’m not face deep in fitness or fire goodness, I’m hanging with the pups and the hubby or hitting the trails in the Jeep (my other baby).



At the heart, I am a just a tomboy who is a passionate Christian, always striving to grow in my walk with Christ and enjoy every day on this beautiful earth.






Alright, for any of  you who actually care about this, here is my professional bio…

Sarah Walker started her journey in the fitness industry after receiving her Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University.


She then went on to become a personal trainer in San Diego, California where she became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).


She spent 7 years as a trainer focusing on helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals while emphasizing the use of functional movement and holistic health concepts.


Sarah left the gym setting and went on to privately train clients, while also working as a Health Coach for the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).


During this time she became Function Movement Screen (FMS) certified and worked along side UCSD Physical Therapists to develop safe exercise programs for her clients recovering from injuries.


Sarah then went on to obtain her Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach certification through Precision Nutrition, and is currently expanding her coaching expertise to the online platform to serve fellow women in fire, police and military service.


Sarah currently serves as a volunteer fire fighter for the Crains Creek Fire Department, while she is actively pursuing a career as a fire fighter.




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