Full Body Booty Blast Workout

Well Christmas is officially over and New Years is just around the corner!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m jut now slowwllyy working myself out of a holiday-coma.

I’m not happy that the holiday’s are approaching an end, but I am excited for what 2017 has in store for this lady. I feel good things a brewin’!

But back to the holiday’s real quick, I want to talk about the fact that I definitely ate my fair share of sweets and of course, worked out less, and you know what I was totally okay with it.

In case you didn’t know, this is freaking huge!

This may have been the first year that I was actually able to let go, indulge and not feel bad about it what so eveaaa…hallelujah!!!

Yep, I really am excited about this because my beliefs about what it means to truly healthy have evolved over time.

I now feel that truly being healthy (for me at least) is about finding balance, and making sure I am enjoying the ride!

So for me, a big aspect of that was overcoming my extreme, all or nothing mentality, that plagued me for years, and finally allowing myself to indulge a bit during the holiday’s totally and genuinely GUILT FREE!

This means that I have finally arrived in the mental space that I desired for myself around the holiday’s- WOOHOOO!

Sorry if you don’t understand the magnitude of this achievement for me, but it’s huge!

Just wanted to share with you so now we can move on because even though I rocked my mental space this holiday season, I still need to give myself a physical kick in the butt to get back on track.

Therefore, I figured you were probably in the same boat, and if not this would still be a good time to throw out a quick 15 minute workout to get your body movin’ and groovin’ to ease your way back into 2017.

So give this puppy a try to wake up your muscles and sweat a bit to help you get out of a holiday-coma.

Warning this workout is a full body booty blaster, so be prepared to work dem glutes and in turn burn some mega calories!

I used a bench and a set of dumbbells, but you can use a bed or a couch, and if you only have your body weight check out the body weight modifications below.


Workout Notes:

  1. Do 3-6 rounds (or more if you’re on fiyaaa, but no longer then 30 minutes)
  2. Rest 10 seconds between exercises (or more if needed), and rest for a minute after each round.
  3. Only do what you can execute with good form and stability. Aka don’t hop or do single leg variations if you are falling all over. The last exercise was even challenging for me as far as balance so just take it slow and modify if necessary.
  4. I prefer to use a moderate weight load when only doing 10 reps. So if using weights, pick weights that are still challenging, but not too crazy heavy.
  5. For exercise #


Body Weight Exercise Modifications:

Exercise #1 Curtsy Lunge: Do same exact exercise with just body weight and do 10 reps each leg, then 10 reps regular. You can add a jump to your squat as well for an extra challenge.

Exercise #2 Front Squat:  Do same exact exercise with just body weight for 20 reps or add a jump to your squat for 10 reps.

Exercise #3 Neutral Press With Bridge: Hold the glute bridge for 30 seconds (really squeezing your glutes and keeping hips high) and then turn over and add 10 push-ups (incline, on the ground, decline or any other variation) instead of the press.

Exercise #4 Rear Elevated Split Squat: Do same exact exercise with just body weight. Add hop if you can stabilize.

Exercise #5 Plank Row With Hip Extension: Hold plank position instead of rowing, and continue the hip extensions (lifting leg up as shown) for 10 reps each leg. Take a 10 sec break between legs if needed.


If you have any more questions or need assistance just comment below and I’ll help ya out!

Otherwise, get sweatin’!!! 🙂







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